Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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Your Staff ,

Hokage:Akira Hana
Kazekage:Akashi Trajada
Mizukage: Orokana Uzumaki
Tsuchikage: Noir Kamizuru
One Tails: Open
Two Tails: Bankotsu Inuzuka / Stone
Three Tails: Eri Saito / Mist
Four Tails: Dante Wynn / Rain
Five Tails: Open
Six Tails: Open
Seven Tails:Salazem Uchiha / Leaf
Eight Tails: Open
Nine Tails: Aizen Otsutsuki / Cloud

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 Bloodline Template

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PostSubject: Bloodline Template   Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:53 pm

Bloodline Template

Name: (What's its name?)
Clan: (What clan does it originate in?)

Appearance: (What does it look like?)
Description: (How does one unlock it, or its stages? How does one transplant it?)

Abilities: (What can it do?)
Chakra Costs: (How much chakra does it use??

[size=13][size=18][color=#FF0000][b][u]Bloodline Template[/u][/b][/color][/size][/size]
[size=13][color=#FF0000][size=14][b][u]Name:[/u][/b][/size][/color][size=14] (What's its name?)[/size][/size]
[size=13][color=#FF0000][size=14][b][u]Clan:[/u][/b][/size][/color][size=14] (What clan does it originate in?)[/size][/size]
[size=13][color=#FFFF00][size=14][b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b][/size][/color][size=14] (What does it look like?)[/size][/size]
[size=13][color=#FFFF00][size=14][b][u]Description:[/u][/b][/size][/color][size=14] (How does one unlock it, or its stages? How does one transplant it?)[/size][/size]
[size=13][color=#006600][size=14][b][u]Abilities:[/u][/b][/size][/color][size=14] (What can it do?)[/size][/size]
[left][size=13][color=#006600][size=14][b][u]Chakra Costs:[/u][/b][/size][/color][size=14] (How much chakra does it use?[/size][size=14]?[/size][/size][/left]

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Bloodline Template
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