Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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 The perfect jewel for the perfect woman, and other stuff for the wedding.

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Mason Uchiha
Mason Uchiha

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The perfect jewel for the perfect woman, and other stuff for the wedding. Empty
PostSubject: The perfect jewel for the perfect woman, and other stuff for the wedding.   The perfect jewel for the perfect woman, and other stuff for the wedding. I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2016 7:38 pm

Mason had been wandering around looking for an adequate jewelry place, for what seems like hours now, he had only recently gotten the wedding plans back from his aunt. The time their wedding was supposed to take place was only a few days away, and he hasn't yet even found a good stone for the gold band that he already had bought. He found one last shop, that he thought would have the perfect stone for his beloved, Akira.

Mason had walked into the shop, uttering a single "Hello" towards the person he thought either owned the place, or managed it. He looked at the quality of the jewels there, he wanted to find a pinkish stone, that was still clear, almost like a pink diamond but he doubted he could find one, so he just was looking for a good sized jewel. All he saw were either emeralds, sapphires, or regular diamonds. None of them looked unique, and they looked rather small too. His facial expression went to a frown, and he walked out of the store. All he wanted was the perfect stone, to show Akira how much he loved her, and he couldn't even do that right. He started thinking about what he could do to find, or possibly make his own, so he could show Akira how much she meant to him. He recalled that if he had enough heat he could form a crystal, from just any ordinary mineral.

Mason decided to turn a quartz crystal into a pink color using cobalt, and then increasing the strength by adding carbon to it. Mason gathered the required materials, from many different stores, almost not being able to find cobalt, but he found it at the last place he looked. Mason would grab a bag of concrete, taking it back to his house and putting it into a mold, and hardened it using a small fireball. He took it out of the mold, and put the quartz and the trace amount of cobalt into the mold, and then closed and sealed the mold. He would grab some oil, and put it towards the beginning of the hole at the top that was usually used to pour molten metal in, and blew a huge fire ball into, it the oil increasing the heat. He could feel his face stinging from how how it was, but it didn't require much time at this current heat to fuse the two together. He waited a bit for the oil fire to burn itself out, cooling it quickly so it would have a nice glassy texture, before opening the mold. What he saw was a amount of a light pinkish quartz. If he could add the carbon right the quartz would almost be as hard as diamond, because diamond is just super heated quartz.

He placed the amount of solid carbon into the mold along with the pink quartz. sealing the mold again, he would have to get a lot more heat to fuse these together, and there'd be a possibility that there would be black streaks in it, or clear streaks in it. He would concentrate all of the chakra he could in his chest, inhaling, and then exhaling a fire stream that was blue hot, about 1200 degrees. It burnt his face, he could feel any facial hair that he did have besides his eyebrows get singed off of his skin. He continued this for about three minutes, he was turning purple from the lack of oxygen, and he could feel his chakra being drained. He stopped and opened the mold quickly making the new crystal cool almost instantly, creating the glassy grain that he desired. He took a breather to regain some energy, he'd pour a gallon bucket of water onto the mold, making a huge amount of steam rise, and the hissing noise was made while the water was being poured. He finally got a good look at the crystal that he had made, it had a main color of pink, with onyx looking lines appearing in random places, but it wasn't to noticeable. He thought the crystal represented Akira well, not perfect, but beautiful and intelligent looking. He would use some tongs, to transport the crystal to a jewelry place, asking the manager to attach the crystal to a golden band that he had bought earlier, the manager agreed, and took the crystal and band. In a couple of minutes he came back with an amazing looking ring, the quartz with carbon and cobalt infused into it, looked bigger than the average ring but that just meant there was more to look at.

Mason left the jewelry place with his ring in hand. He found a tailor, and had a custom suit made for himself. The main color is black with a purple lining, and tie. His aunt had already ordered everything else and everything was to be set up at his house the night before the wedding. He felt happy with everything he had done, and frankly was quite tired. He walked back to his house thinking about his wedding until falling asleep from exhaustion.

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The perfect jewel for the perfect woman, and other stuff for the wedding.
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