Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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Hokage:Akira Hana
Kazekage:Akashi Trajada
Mizukage: Orokana Uzumaki
Tsuchikage: Noir Kamizuru
One Tails: Open
Two Tails: Bankotsu Inuzuka / Stone
Three Tails: Eri Saito / Mist
Four Tails: Dante Wynn / Rain
Five Tails: Open
Six Tails: Open
Seven Tails:Salazem Uchiha / Leaf
Eight Tails: Open
Nine Tails: Aizen Otsutsuki / Cloud

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Indra Uchiha

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PostSubject: Indra   Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:12 pm

• Leader of Akatsuki •

Name: Indra Uchiha
Nickname: The Ghost
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Village: Missing Ninja
Former Village: Konohagakure
Affiliation: Akatsuki
Rank: S-Rank
Former Rank: Chunin

Element(s): Fire, Lightning, Water
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Kekkei Genkai: 3 Tomoe Sharingan
Health: 20
Strength: 50
Endurance: 20
Chakra: 60
Speed: 50

Indra has long black hair cut short on top. Two locks wrapped in bandages frames either side of his face. His eyebrows cut short — a symbol of his nobility — and his eyes have red markings around them, which were turned up at the corners. He wore a high-collared, light-coloured kimono held closed by a dark sash. The collar of the kimono was adorned with magatama. He wore a black full-bodied suit underneath. When battling, he wears full-body armour, and his hair is usually let out to flow around his attire.
At a young age Indra was alway curious, he seeked to know the meaning of being a ninja. Death was a concept he found so difficult to understand, how people born of such good nature could die and forgotten in history. He saw that life was precious and through time the thought of life and death would write the story of his life. Once he reached a mature age of 16 and older he began to grow colder as an individual watching death happen day after day, life was nothing to the villages and he saw that. Indra ultimately cares about life in general, but hates the villages and separation of nations, he believes this division of ninja creates war and destruction. He feels destruction of the villages and destroying the figure heads will lead to a new order, the rein of Akatsuki would bring about order through pain and fear. He though ruthless to everyone around him cares a great deal feeling that he is saving them, the people, by removing the world they know. Killing comes with no cost to him as he has seen so many comrades die in the past. Indra is quiet but strong, his intelligence used as his greatest weapons.
Many years ago during the first destruction of Lord Naruto's established peace, a war between Kirigakure and Konhagakure was waged in secret. During this time the Uchiha was used as front line ninja, wiping many of them out and causing them to be reduced to 3 major families. Over time they repopulated and from the head of the clan was born Indra, his first born son and said to be a prodigy of the Uchiha clan. During his infant days Indra was looked after by his father who promised peace and tranquility among not only the clan but the world, it wasn't until age 4 that Indra was accepted into the Academy as the youngest shinobi to ever join the school. There he immediately began to show proficient skill in various categories at age 6 he was graduated to the rank of Genin, of course the youngest Genin since Itachi Uchiha many, many years ago. With his new found rank his was placed on team 12 under Toki Sarutobi, along with him was Rin and Hiruzen. In the beginning the missions were simple, retrieve this, carry that, help here, help there, do this, do that, the easy meaningless stuff that children have been doing for centuries. It wasn't until the second war between Konohagakure no Sato and Kirigakure no Sato that things changed, this war like the first was kept secret to the public as it was waged on the Land of Water's soil. Team 12 was the first to be recruited and in and attempt to keep enemies from using the land of Waves, this was where they were sent to create a block at the Great Naruto Bridge. After 3 days of collecting silence they were attacked by a 6 man team, Rin teamed with Toki and Indra with Hiruzen. The fight commenced and steel clashed time and time again, sparks flying and the sound of steel ringing through the air. This fight lasted a long time before it came down to only Indra and two remaining Kirigakure ninja, with this Indra had awakened his Sharingan and he used it to finally defeat the enemies making them drop to the ground at the tip of the kunai. After the battle Indra walked the bodies looking at the slaughter, at a young age of 6 this was an incredible image to have stuck in his mind. The only sound was Hiruzen's voice muffled by exhaustion and blood, Indra approached looking at the wasting body and without a second thought took the misery from the young boys life. Stained with blood Indra returned carrying 3 headbands for his comrades, he walked the many miles and many nights back to Konohagakure. After being greeted by cheers for stopping the incoming attack from Kirigakure, of course only the higher-ups knew and were the only people to praise him. The headbands used for the ninja's memorial of MIA ninja. Indra retired from missions for a few years, teaching Academy Students for the next 10 years.

After a many years of teaching Indra felt he was ready to return to the life of a shinobi and was sent on a simple protection mission for the Land of Fire's Lord, a easy mission he was performing along with one other ninja Zen. After traveling for 4 days they were finally ambushed by 2 Ninja without headbands, the battle pursued for many hours and eventually the two overcome the missing ninja. Then in a surprise attack Zen was decapitated by a third ninja, one who had been waiting in the woods for the perfect moment to strike. Activating the Sharingan Indra fought on par with the three, trading blow for blow blood flying as they all took damage. Indra received various cuts against the torso, none were deep enough to impair movement, but the damage was still enough to create pain and lose blood. After the final blow was dealt, Indra completed the mission and returned to Konohagakure. After another 2 years of the ninja life, more lives were lost, more people disposed of by the selfish needs of the villages. During Indra's final mission he had finally understood what it meant to be a ninja and when traveling to the location they were caught in a fight, one his partners received a stab wound that penetrated the left lung. After the battle Indra simply looked to the fellow ninja and spoke these words "If you can't fight, you die in this world." ending with taking the life of his teammate, returning to the village the others in their squad reported Indra who when question by the elders responded with "Ninja. Sacrifices and pawns to you the ninja of the desks, their families and homes mean nothing to the villages. War. Politics. Be damned, the nations are worthless and the countries do nothing. There should be one ruler of it all, one to give no more reason for war." Anbu stepped from the shadows behind Indra, The elders demanded the death of Indra who dispatched the Anbu and fled the village, his deed leaving him with the name of missing ninja, his rank S as he was now a suspect in the deaths of all his fallen comrades. At the young age of 18 Indra was cast from the village ranked as a S-Ranked missing ninja, marked as a comrade murderer and even blamed in starting the second war between Kirigakure.

Traveling around with no place to call home, hunted by many ninja he was always on the offensive. Protecting his self, watching as the world continued to wage small battles with each other. Seeing the various children left without mothers and father because of rogue ninja, ninja created because of the wrong administration of the villages. Indra began his plot of a new world order, remembering a organization from long ago named "Akatsuki" he began doing research for the next year. After the time and research Indra began the Akatsuki rebirth, a new order was coming to the world and though it would begin in darkness. The world would one day understand peace through domination, it was time for a new world order and though some would experience pain, peace was going to be achieved.
A stillness in the night, unsettling to the nerves for the young adult Indra Uchiha. What was it about this night that he could not figure out, something was strange this dark night something like a living nightmare. A loud crash echoed the halls of the abandon towns inn alerting the nearby Indra, he of course jumped up and took off down the hall the sound of feet shuffling growing closer and closer. Bursting through the door to a man of young stature, the black mask obstructing his identity as he turned looking at Indra standing in the only exit to the room. The robes he wore covering Indra's appearance as well, but who was this man and what did he think he was doing breaking into an abandon town. The next moves would determine whether this battle would be fought or if perhaps a simple solution could be found. It would look as though the interaction was going to be a bad one, the man seemed to russle around under the dark cloak the movements of someone drawing a weapon or rubbing his leg being the least likely. The masked man quickly threw a kunai at Indra, but with quick reflexes he caught it able to parry with the masked man as he had charged forward grasping a Kunai in his right hand.

The sparks from the metal flew as the two men stood there, hands shaking from the pressure against one another. Indra dropped low quickly holding his body up sideways by nothing but his left hand and wrist, whipping his body in a sweep attack to take out the legs. This was dodged and retaliated with a downward thrust of a palm aimed for the lower portion of the lungs, but with luck Indra slide his hand into the way before having the strength cause both of them to crash through the floor of the headquarters. The damage causing a slight dely to Indra before he distanced his self from the man who didn't hesitate to strike again, this time with used a basic punch with his right hand to Indra's face which was caught. Indra's left hand grasping the clenched fist he spun into the opponent placing his right hand against the elbow, following through with an upward lift to throw him forward crashing into the wall in front of them. Hitting the wall it allowed for the masked man to line up and push off the wall in a attack back towards Indra, which once again led to the clash of kunai to kunai. Sparks flying with every hit as they crashed and bounced off then were back at each other, the final collision sending both flying back in which Indra flicked his right wrist and hand sending the Kunai at the young enemy. The sound of steel against steel shocked Indra as he watched the perfect counter to the move, it was beginning to seem as though the man knew every move that he could make. A laps of time and the enemy closed in landing a punch breaking away the mask that covered Indra's face, the mask crumbled leaving only a portion covering his left eye and mouth. The masked man's voice finally came through "So Indra Uchiha, are you confused yet? Not sure who your fighting? Good, you won't need that information because from here on out I'm going to try to kill you. Before I was being easy and now I am done perhaps before you die I will reveal a secret to you." The man spoke as the eye holes of his mask glowed red from a sharingan hidden on the other side, the simple three tomoe looking at Indra who quickly activated his own to keep out of a genjutsu. The two ninja began throwing shuriken at fast rates sparks flying as each shuriken met its match, the fighting style as though the two were a mirror image of one another. When the last Shuriken fell they were collided together both men having their right hands balled in a fist while their left caught their opponents, the mask of the man being of hard material worked to his advantage when he headbutt Indra causing hims to stumble back two steps. Their eyes locking the sharingans were now fighting a mental battle of intimidation and genjutsu, the stronger would prevail in a normal situation but for some unknown reason they both failed. Leading to the masked man jumping from the building in which Indra took off after him putting them in a little foot race.

The chase of lead them farther and farther from the town, it was like the man had intended on running for miles. Each jump, each step all were a taking the toll as the Uchiha had extinguished his stamina fighting for so long. It has been three hours since the intially start of the fight, an average ninja would have ran out of energy after the first hour leading to someone's demise. Finally the masked man stopped turning speaking once again, "Your so determined to stop me, that of course will be your end." He signed horse, using the sharingan Indra retaliated using the same jutsu both of which released from their bodies a powerful breathe as they used Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. The massive flames crashing together pushing at each the flames twisting together and bouncing off each other, the flames of both shinobi faded away slowly ending the battle of fire the two locking eyes once again to create a concersation of minds. The two were at it again crashing together fist to fist, hand to fist, body blows, knees crashing to knees. It was like every blow was meant to be the last, but some how they knew every move of the fight before it would happen. Regardless of their Sharingan reading each other to this level was nearly impossible, their fists met each others face knocking them both back in a tumble for three feet. After tumbling across the ground twice they were both able to roll and flip up on to their feet and charge back once agains, before sliding back away from each other. Indra reading the next jutsu signing together Snake to Ram to Boar to Horse and finally to Tiger once again drawing in a massive amount of air before spewing forward a giagantic ball of fire in the Uchiha oriented techniques known as Fire Release: Great Fireball jutsu. The fighting continued as Indra threw two shuriken in a arched directional curving from both sides leading in to their target, the masked man who jumped avoiding the shuriken as the clashed together sending out sparks. Gracefully dropping from the air the masked man was met by Indra who placed a punch perfectly centered on the mask knocking him into a flip, With the attempt of a downward kick with the heel sending a powerful blow against his spine. This of course was blocked by the hands of the masked ninja who had twisted around his body to grab the blow, the strength sending the masked man flying to the ground crashing into the ground creating a slight indent from his body. Indra landed back to on the ground were he was grabbed by the tree behind him a genjutsu attack, looking forward he saw that the body was no longer there nor were any signs it had been. Next thing to be known was Indra was standing outside of the tree looking at the shinobi who had been captured in his very own technique, but he was able to break free with the power of his Sharingan and resume the fight for his life.

Standing adjacent to one another again they looked at each other, silence fell between them. No movement, nothing but the surrounding world. All so slow not even the breathing was heard, but that was about to be broken in their last clash of power. Indra drew a kunai in his right hand, the enemy doing the same ast his twisted it in his hand they continued to study each others stance, wind blowing through as they watched each other the trees ruffling in the night as a leaf twisted and whipped its way to the battlefield. It slowly drifted down swaying back and forth as it made it's way down to the ground both ninja not removing their eyes from each other, finally the leaf touched the ground whether it was coincedence or they waited that was the signal as they clashed together. Their bodies motionless as they stood pressed together, blood dripping to the ground below as the drips steady for the blade was not removed from the wound. The masked mans body fell limp as Indra removed the kunai from below his ribs, the blood gushed out in a quick sign of life leaving the world. Indra dropped the body and fell to the ground sitting his breathing had increased as he closed his eyes a moment to rest, after a moment had passed his opened his eyes revealing their normal slate color signifying the deactivation of his sharingan.

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Indra Uchiha

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Done, I think
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Orokana <3

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approved Very Happy
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