Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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Hokage:Akira Hana
Kazekage:Akashi Trajada
Mizukage: Orokana Uzumaki
Tsuchikage: Noir Kamizuru
One Tails: Open
Two Tails: Bankotsu Inuzuka / Stone
Three Tails: Eri Saito / Mist
Four Tails: Dante Wynn / Rain
Five Tails: Open
Six Tails: Open
Seven Tails:Salazem Uchiha / Leaf
Eight Tails: Open
Nine Tails: Aizen Otsutsuki / Cloud


 Natsu Hana

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PostSubject: Natsu Hana   Natsu Hana I_icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2016 11:18 pm

Natsu Hana Sakura.Saber_zpsa06h43bi
Dream a dream.

    Full Name: Natsu Hana
    Character Nickname: The Cherry Blossom of the Mist.
    Age: Nineteen.
    Sex: Female.
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

    Rank: Jounin.
    Village: Kirigakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Mist).
    Affiliations: None.
    Elements: Wind | Fire | Earth
    Specialities: Ninjutsu | Weaponry | Medical
    Clan: Hana.
    Kekkei Genkai: None.

    Natsu is not like any other young woman when it comes to her emotions like other female ninjas, and often tries to rationalize things around herself. She is someone who is down to earth and often displays being very mellow throughout her daily life. She’ll be pretty nonchalant about things while attempting to enjoy times she spends with others around her age. In regard for her emotions she has trouble of feeling them. It is difficult for her to feel complex emotions that aren’t stimulated through joy or pleasure. Natsu also often finds it extremely hard to be empathetic because of her dilemma. Due to her difficulty in complex emotions she often keeps conversations that requires an appropriate emotional response short; such as the death of a fellow friend or getting into personal talks found in relationships. Her problem hasn’t been surfaced quite evidently as she partakes in activities with the community as a ninja and all the while enjoys herself with small children of the village. Children are the absolute form of innocence until a certain age or event, and they don’t quite understand complex emotions or thought which is heavily implying Natsu’s fondness of children over those her age or older but is often mistaken of her wanting kids of her own.

    She at times feel like a wolf in sheep clothing with the rest of the flock. Though its only because of her social awkwardness and her only known enjoyment thus far is by taking the life of the deserved; those who have taken innocent lives. In a very odd sense she likes to keep a piece of their blood onto a petal of a cherry blossom for keepsake. Attempting to balance out her problems, Natsu vividly creates and manifests a persona of her deceased aunt who understood and taught her how to cope with the drive of not killing others in order to protect her from harm. She created a code of ethics for Natsu to fulfill in order to stray from risking her life to be sentenced at an earlier death than most. However, Natsu does not accept that and would rather not do any better by just following a guideline or regulations meant to keep her safe. She decided to make use of her dark vices in the works towards the community of her new found village despite her aunt’s wishes by becoming a ninja and practicing skills for when she could make choices more impactful for her and others.

    Over a period of time, she has come to slowly understand her actions and choices not only affect her but those around her as well. She’s become a part of a community of a vast world where she depended on not only as a skilled warrior but a beckon for the weak and innocent. Developing a sense of loyalty to her new found village, a place where she can almost truly not worry about being branded a monster as her deceased aunt once claimed her to be. As of now she looks what is considered the norm, acts mutually respectful, keeps to her own privacy, and most times she seems like she is spacing out even when she is focusing or in deep thought. Natsu has still much to learn about not only herself as an individual but understanding how other people are and the way their emotions affect them in which she has difficulty experiencing for herself or understanding them when they surface.

    Likes: Children, Sweets (Pastry), Spring (Season), Privacy, and doing her job as a Ninja to an extent of control.
    Dislikes: Complicated topics, Those that prey on the weak and innocent, Spicy tastes (food), and Winter (Season).

    Natsu Hana Ssaber2_zpssfq0o2kw

  • Height: Five foot six. (5'6'' ft.)
  • Hair Color: Blonde.
  • Eye Color: Dark yellow / Dull gold.
  • Special Attire: Black scarf and a black ribbon tied to hold her hair in a particular fashion that has been passed down from her deceased aunt.
  • DESC: Natsu stands at exactly five foot six and weighs at one hundred and twenty-four pounds. Her blood-type is B. Due to her genetics she has two more years left of growth and she already has adult features that are seen in an instant by her curves on her body than her face. Often enough her face alone draws in some men on a whim as the unusual color of her eyes tend to catch many men in awe as their sleek shape is naturally defined beauty with it’s gradient ray. Natsu's skin is fair, soft, smooth, and naturally warm. The body she has does look delicate and at times could pack a serious unsuspected punch or kick. Unlike most women whom have the body of a model where unkempt fat is at the thighs and under arms Natsu has lean muscle and a natural pear-like figure with great curves despite not working out the areas on purpose. Natsu often opposes to most women who seek out to look gorgeous, Natsu instead boasts upon her natural beauty and pear shape figure. Starting from the top, Natsu has a slender upper half, with slim but strong straight shoulders that support her posture, and back well since he has a bust measuring 87 cm(B34). Her arms are slender but have a normal muscle tone to them. As we reach down to her upper thigh, her waist is slender to support her pear shape, measuring at only at 58 cm(22.8 in). Her abdomen is shaped out rather well to display minor detail of the six abdominal muscles in good shape. Her hips remains her most distinctive trait completing her pear shape at 88 cm(35 in), Natsu's hips are healthily wide and the true definition of "child bearing hips". To fit with her hips, she has a plump bottom, possessing a mix of tenderness and firmness enough to..... bounce if needed. Her thighs are firm, smoothly flowing from her hips down to her calves. Her feet fit perfectly into size eights; she is well kept and shaven where needed; her naval is inverted cutely; her nails remain short and are hardly given attention aside their hygiene.

    Natsu Hana Natsu_zps1qgutdok

    Health: 30
    Strength: 20
    Endurance: 30 / EP 300
    Speed: 30
    Chakra: 40 / CGP 300


    Coming forth from the Land of Vegetables, the Hana clan, is an unsuspecting clan that for reasons even Natsu does not know their intentions, have moved from their foreign lands quite the distance afar from the lands they occupy now. It was in between this transition that a series of events unfolded for Natsu that would help define why she became who she is in this day of age.

    Born in the month of March on the day of the twenty-first, Sachi Hana gave birth to a healthy baby girl at the 0900 hour. Her father, Daisuke Hana, became a proud man the day she was born. It was decided between the both that their new born girl would be named Natsu Hana, named after her great grandmother from her father’s side of the family. Although she was a baby things were beginning to stir up in their homeland at the time. Daisuke’s family was one of many Hana clan members that lived afar from the rest of the clan for agriculture reasons. For quite the years their home and settlement became a hostile environment due to scarce produce of the land they established upon. This made many of the settlers feel a strain to not only their livelihood but also their pride.

    The seasons came and gone, and winter always hits the hardest against all their hard work. It was very difficult to preserve the harsh landscape they had to thrive on, and they attempted many methods to better produce crops for themselves and others only for the seasons to toll their efforts. The people became more and more agitated with each coming year and slowly shifted their frustration towards the Hana clan residents. Time and time again they would blame Daisuke and his family for not being able to fix the dilemma. They began to particularly get threats from one of the villagers on a constant basis. Though he never fully followed through with his claim, the family felt unwelcome. Both Daisuke and Sachi decided to was time to leave, so they sent out a message to Daisuke’s sister, who was much older than he was, to guide them to a new area. Her name was Yano Hana and when she arrived she brought news that the rest of the clan was moving out towards a foreign land across the seas. Their conversation was overheard by the servants of their manor and so soon word spread quickly like a blazing fire.

    It was this night that Natsu at only seven years old, witnessed the man who constantly yells at her father to be stalking around their home. It sparked a curiosity in young Natsu to follow the man into the night by their home, only as she attempted to keep up with him did she suddenly found herself losing sight of his whereabouts. As Natsu searched and search she almost gave up looking around her own home for the assailant until she noticed a particular light was still shining through the cracks of what appeared to be a basement within the storage room. She’s been there a few times and it puzzled her so as the curiosity of child took over she ventured forth into the underground lair. To her surprise did Natsu find the smell of iron extremely strong down there. As she continued down the staircase did she notice a hot trail of liquid as a darker shade of red like a ruby. It trailed to another portion of the basement she had yet to explore. Opening a door to the next room she found the man, only he wasn’t moving and covered in the dark red liquid. She witnessed her aunt Yano take her blade and decapitate the man limb by limb before realizing that Natsu was watching for who knows how long of a time. Quite shocked to this discovery her aunt has felt ever responsible for Natsu’s early introduction to the cycle of death.

    Since that time their family has migrated overseas to a new land with the aid of their clan. Arriving to what is known as The Land of Fire, Natsu has displayed much change to her character as being more self reserved, quiet, and less inquisitive along the lines of among many things. Her aunt, who has decided to be with her family, took keen interest in Natsu. They would spend a lot of time together and while her cousin Akira Hana was scarcely around, Natsu would at times spend time with her if only briefly. Though Natsu’s auntie began taking a toll on her health, and as a form of repent for what occurred in Natsu she decided to share a unique set of skills to Natsu in which where known to be the art of being a ninja on this new land. Over a lapse of time her aunt in poor health has dictated over Natsu’s training in controlling her chakra, and unlocking her elements. The elements had to be what she had in order for her to pass on a secretive jutsu from the clan; luckily she did. Sadly Yano didn’t have much time left and insisted that she and Natsu to travel together despite her family settling in the Village Hidden in the Leaf…

    Yano took Natsu at the age of fifteen into the Village Hidden in the Mist where she would complete her training in secrecy from most of her family members. Although Daisuke greatly disapproved of his sister’s actions he too came to bear with her parting from the family. The family has since rekindled their work in agriculture outside the Leaf under safe vicinity. This was the last time Natsu ever saw her folks before her adventure towards the Mist where Yano did not make enjoyable for her. Though the two grew quite close through their travels to where Yano foretold Natsu the way she would be and how she is was her mistake. This resurfaced the images blocked away from the night the man was brutally slaughtered like cattle or what could be described as worse. Since then she has been rattled psychologically but has come to accept what occurred cannot be changed. With her defenses abandoned on the matter she continued to learn from Yano until they arrived at the Mist.

    Upon arriving she disliked the climate but adapted over time while she worked at a general store Yano managed to purchased. At the same while she made Natsu enlist as a Academy Student at her age and managed to rise quickly in terms of rank overall to this day. In her time adjusting to her new lifestyle she was quite observant of people and one particular individual known as Orokana, who always seemed to be up to no good around the neighborhood. What seemed to be on the surface was often mistaken by the masses as Natsu could oversee the mask he wore that she wished she could imitate such expressions of lies. She often pondered how it came so naturally to him… As time went on Natsu achieved the rank Jounin through trials and events. She has undergone very few missions but has proven capability that Orokana acknowledges to an extent. Natsu at the age of eighteen was not present the day Yano Hana passed away in her bed above the general store. Through the day before she taught Natsu one last thing. Upon her return she felt almost unmoved and wary of her own emotions and now requiring to make arrangements for her funeral. This is the normal thing to do, is it?

Prologue: (RP SAMPLE)

The day was mundane as ever. The ever stretching skies above the village, the Village Hidden in the Mist, were as without the pigment of the dead. Such an ashen color that the only remaining lighting came from within the walls of the homes, taverns, and such establishments around. Soft subtle steps are taken by a stranger under a drenched hooded cloak with blonde hair sticking out the corners of the hood, it was none other than Natsu. She had returned from afar on a simple reconnaissance mission for the Kage of the village. Walking slowly though the moist mist felt almost home welcoming. Her darken yellow eyes steered right in the direction of the general shop her aunt owns; also Natsu’s own home. The lights were shockingly off at the hour and the store closed at this hour which was odd. Coming to a complete stop she decides to investigate her home.

Before she would be able to reach out to open the door, it opens itself with a stranger dressed in medic gear walking out with a carrier holding what obviously what one could distinguish as a corpse now underneath the dark sheet. As the medics carried the body another personnel walks out of the establishment with a discern look in his eyes as he notices Natsu staring at the body as it is being carried off. The man walks over to Natsu while clearing his throat, “I’m sorry for your loss Miss Hana, Natsu was it?” It took her a while before she turned her head to glance at the man with almost no absolute way of expressing her loss in what seemed to be in a very uncertain expression. Giving him a simple nod as he was able to recognize her face. The crowd slowly began to gather more and more so with usual customers beginning to sob knowing so the word of her aunt Yano Hana had passed away ever sweetly in her dreams this day.

Almost ignoring the man she ventures into the home and finds nothing undisturbed. No sign of murder, just nothing. Everything seems to be as it once was. Natsu became almost speechless and could only muster up a few faint words that was shared by her aunt the day before, ”Hide your face so the world.. May never find you.” She began walking away from the scene and towards the Kage’s office at the same slow pace she walked into the village. Her mind almost in echo with itself as she became unwell on what to do now aside from reporting in the mission. Yano would have want her to continue to live life as she is now despite not fully accepting the risks. The man scratched his head and continued off with the body where it will have a mandatory autopsy for safe measures. Natsu slowly disappears into the crowd as the rain began to pour again onto the village. Such a mundane day…
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Bump! I am finished. c:
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approved Very Happy
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Natsu Hana
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