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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu

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PostSubject: SUNĒKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:00 pm



NAME: Sunėkuaizu, Kiryuu

AGE: 18 [18th of October]

BLOOD-TYPE: AB- APPEARANCE: The silver-haired boy whom we all know to be named as Kiryuu, is the progeny of both a vigorous father and a youthful mother; hence those whom know the truth would have undoubtedly expected that the teenager would be one of the most youthful and vigorous people in terms of appearance alone. Such an assumption would have rung true, seeing as when he were younger the teenage male could have certainly been regarded as naturally handsome due to his fine youthful features. Both the beauty of the father and the mother had been, without a shadow of a doubt, passed down to their child; despite not sharing any other distinguishable features of theirs. The alabaster-topped teenager had not been born with the fiery-crimson hair of his mother, nor had he been born possessing the deep brown coloring of his father; strangely enough, he had been born with the deepest-blackest colored hair reminiscent to that of an Uchiha, rather than that of his parents' lineage. In yet another similar way, he had possessed neither of his parent's eye colors; instead his own eye had taken a stormy-gray pigmentation rather than his parent's respective black eyes. However, despite clearly appearing different there were some similarities between himself and his parents; as an example, he had inherited his mother's pale skin, alongside of his father's facial structure. Though as a result of these overwhelming differences between himself and his parents, he often jokingly referred his parents as his adopted ones, should he had never been informed of it... he would, in high likelihood, have never surmised that he were indeed their son; physically in either case. Regardless, he had always been considered to be a rather handsome fellow from way back when.

One should have taken note of the usage of the past tense from the above mentioned text, as such a description would no longer fit the bleached-hair teenager. For he, at the present moment in time, had been anything but the word "good-looking". There is no longer any physical appeal upon that once-been delicate face, having been lost to the ravages of time and the various circumstances which tagged along. The narrow face of the shinobi had once been covered in pale skin; never having possessed a single blemish as to mar the clarity of such beauty... various parts of his face were now layered in a rough, dark-grayish color, and was now littered with an innumerable quantity of faint scar tissue. One side of his face had been especially burnt, which left his right eye blind. Once originally possessing smooth-to-the-touch skin, now laid rough and dry; it had been almost as if had a leathery-scaly feel to it. The skin he had once possessed now stretched tightly across his visage; and as a result of this stretching, the indentation of facial bone were now quite prominent throughout his features. To name a few of these alterations: his jawbone and high cheekbones were now quite prominent unlike before. Along with all of this, the face of the shinobi had now been completely devoid of any and all forms of hair. His natural sharp and narrow eyebrows, and his head of voluminous wild black hair were both gone; replaced with hairless patches of skin, his onyx-colored hair, turned white as a result of some unknown force. There is no possibility of any form of hair that may grow upon his face any longer, as every fiber of a hair follicle upon his facial region had been burnt off from battles past. All in all, his face resembled that of a human skull with decaying skin rather than that of an ordinary human's face.  

As if the face of the shinobi had not been repulsive enough as it had already been described above, he has under his possession yet another deformity that is more disconcerting than everything else combined. Ever since he had first "awakened", the eyes, once of stormy-gray pigmentation had undergone a rather drastic change in appearance. The change that accompanied during this awakening is strictly cosmetic and retains absolute no beneficial or detrimental effects on the functioning of his eyes. The genetic gray eyes which the shinobi had long once possessed, were of at this point in time a crimson-red color. It had not been just the iris of his eyes that had been changed, even the sclera itself had turned pitch-black in terms of color. These eyes of his give off the illusion of being luminescent in nature; particularly within darkness, akin to that of a feline. Upon having performed a closer examination of the optics that he possesses, one would notice that the surface of his eyes possess several markings akin to that of an insect's compound eyes. Furthermore, the eyes which he possesses as of now contain an almost lifeless look to them, staring unblinkingly ahead of him and barely appearing to ever move at all within their respective sockets; suffice to say, even the most open-minded and tolerant of individuals would feel absolute disgusts whenever this peculiar shinobi looks at them with said eyes. In summation, he is a man whom possesses such a hideous face that even a mother would find it difficult to love; it is quite ironic that the son of two people whom are noted for their looks would end up looking as revolting as he is. Though fortunately enough, the ugliness only extends from his face to the base of his neck; the rest of his body possessing an infinitely more bearable appearance.

Indeed, the rest of the shinobi's body is completely normal whenever compared to his face; though still possesses a few scars and burn marks blemishing the entirely pale skin, with some bone and vein indentations. As he is a shinobi, the teenager is most certainly fit when compared to the vast majority of people; though he is hardly the burliest amongst the ranks of ninja. The physique in which he possesses takes upon a slim and rather slender form, and it as thus that the general description of his body is primarily of an ectomorphic nature, naturally meant to be wiry. Though luckily, bulging muscles have never managed to appeal the young shinobi as he is primarily an Iryō-nin rather than a combative one; hence his skills revolve around remaining as swift and agile as possible, such a thing would prove to be quite difficult should he possess a sturdy form. Despite his thin build, the shinobi known as Kiryuu is in good physical condition despite possessing such a thin build; which is naturally a necessity for just about any whom find themselves in his occupation after all. Whilst he appears to have no toned muscles as to be able to boast about, they are in fact present, merely only visible when they are flexed or otherwise exerted. Even then, they are hardly all that impressive of a sight; as normally his chest and abdomen appear flat whenever he is relaxed, and his limbs are thin and bony. Once again, bone indentation may be seen at certain places upon his frame, and even a few veins manage to make themselves seen throughout his body; but still, even when his body is relaxed, the toughness of his skin implies that a certain level of physical fitness is present. In a certain sense, his build merely acts in order to deceive others of his actual physical capabilities; something that had more-than-once came in handy.

In all likelihood, as a result of his slender frame, the masked shinobi appears to be much taller and lankier than he actually is; also, his posture may also be yet another factor to take into account, considering that normally he stands with a perfectly-straight back. He has yet to have grown to his full height, though at this current point in time, he stands at a height of exactly five feet and eleven inches; roughly the length of a hundred and eighty centimeters. From a set of rather broad shoulders would one find the man's arms hung, said arms are both long and slim; ending in thin and rather bony hands with equally slim fingers. Those fingers, coupled along with the bony structure of his hands and his arms, have a tendency of appearing insect-like more than anything else. The same holds true for his legs and feet, both of which are just as thin and skeletal as his upper limbs. In fact, the obscured shinobi possesses very little meat upon his bones in a general sense, and as such, one should not be surprised that he weighs very little; his body mass remains at an unfaltering one hundred and forty-three pounds, or rather sixty-three kilograms. Whilst the young shinobi does not usually alter the dress code he had grown up with, he had eventually grown tired of the previous attire which adorned his body' opting to swap the old line of clothing for something else. With that being said, his personal preference for dressing in a manner unorthodox is still quite noticeable, perhaps even more-so with his current outfit. With his strange sense of fashion put aside, the masked shinobi is unlikely to alter his outfit on a day-to-day basis; with the current style of clothing serving as the official uniform of sorts.

To start off, said uniform consists of a pair of black leather boots, rising halfway up his lower leg. Aside from these black-colored articles, the majority of his clothing is of a black shade. His trousers, which are loose-enough to enable easy movement, are held up by a utility belt; it is here that he attaches his ninja pouches and most of his equipment. A thin, long-sleeved shirt covers his upper torso, the bottom of which is tucked under his belt and trousers. The shirt also sports an attached hood, one that is large enough to obscure the wearer’s entire head, if pulled low enough. Above all of this, our young friend is clad in a snug, form-fitting coat, the outside of which is the aforementioned black color, while the inside is a dull gray. This single-breasted coat is usually buttoned up completely to its collar, but is left open from the waist-down to enable unhindered movement. The collar in question has wide, flat lapels that lay flatly on the wearer’s shoulders. The coat stops just a few inches above his ankles. The thing that had perhaps made the young shinobi most well-known for, not that he was all that famous anyway, is the mask that he wears. It is an extraordinarily rare sight to see the fledgling without this accessory equipped on his person, and he often treats said mask as if it were his actual face. He even wears this article during his slumbering, and only requires to unzip the lower-region of the mask to eat and drink; hence having absolute no need to ever take it off. Kiryuu had replaced the original visor-like mask which he worn for all these years after it had broken, and now uses a much more obscuring one to cover the vast majority of his face in reason of his extensive injuries. The new mask is made of a flexible-leatheary material, covering the whole of his face except for the upper-left region; the better part of his face.

The mask is rough, colored black, and has the peculiar characteristic of a mouth in the appropriate section. No nose-shaped protrusion exists on the mask’s leather surface, as it is meant to lie comfortably across the wearer’s face. The thin slit of an opening in the bottom of the mask is carved in the shape of a small smile, giving the face wear a constantly smiling look. The inside of the mask is lined with a soft, cotton cushioning, meant to make the mask more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Clasps hold it in place.

All in all, the shinobi's entire attire serves the purpose of covering every inch of his skin, as well as hiding his repulsive physical traits. The result is that most, if not all, people him by his mask and clothes, and not by his actual face; which is precisely how he prefers it to be.

FOREHEAD PROTECTOR: As he had been recently added to the military forces of Konohagakure no Sato, he has yet to receive his Hitae-ate; and even whenever he should receive one, he has not made plans to wear it. Therefore, he has never been seen wearing one.

PERSONALITY: The vast majority of the shinobi world hold themselves in high esteem; even if such beliefs are quite inaccurate. There are few shinobi whom, on the other hand, are not as confident in their skills and thus covet the same confidence and self-assurance than their more "self-assured" fellows possess. But there exists a rather rare breed such as the deformed youth whom are neither conceited nor lacking in their confidence in themselves. Unlike most people, the being known as Kiryuu does not think of himself as just as good than, nor any better, than someone else. The young boy possesses quite a humble impression of himself, both in relation to his skills and overall personality. In fact, he has a sense of modesty that could be considered to be special; since he not only avoids saying anything positive about himself, but takes it a step further by focusing more upon on his negative qualities and traits - even if such things do not even exist. One could say that the young ghoulish human being does not overestimate himself, but rather underestimates himself; as he would always downplay his own various achievements and talents. Either he would act as if they were of no extraordinary value, or otherwise would point out some sort of flaw within them. One will quite literally never hear the youngling boast or brag about anything, and should he ever, it would have been an extremely rare and special exception. He seeks no actual praise or acknowledgement of his worth, which he personally considers himself not to have much. He is the sort of person whom does not desire any sense of public recognition, much more wishing to stay out of the light and in the shadows; like any sensible ninja ought to do. One might expect someone who bags about himself so much to have an inferiority complex or low self-esteem, but such is not the case with this man. The fledgling is one-hundred-percent confident about his strength, and has no wish of changing who he is. In other words, he fully believes everything that he says about himself. When he trains, it is not to better himself enough to become the strongest shinobi in the world, or rid himself of some weakness; he simply trains to keep his skills sharp, and for other, more selfish reasons. This man is convinced that he is neither an exceptionally talented shinobi nor a failure of one; in his eyes, he is a mediocre ninja, someone who can easily be overshadowed by more spectacular people. He will even go so far as to sometimes attribute his accomplishments to luck or chance than any talent on his part, even when such was clearly not the case. In his opinion, the only remarkable and noteworthy factor about him is the fact that he is a Iryō-nin, and, as he further adds, a mediocre one at that. Whether or not this is true, very few can say, primarily because most people who encounter the shinobi have doubts whether he is strong or not, especially since he keeps remarking that he is not. His habit of self-deprecation can have some unintentional benefits, though. To elaborate: everyone has a tendency to exaggerate some aspect about himself or herself, and the young gentleman is no different. Funnily enough, in Kiryuu's case, his claims are not exaggerated because he could be weaker than he says he is - he might be stronger than he says he is. Some people, when exposed to his self-deprecation, might be led to believe that he could be as weak as he claims; even the most skeptical of people might be the tiniest bit convinced of this.

The above peculiar trait having been mentioned, here is a more believable part of the wanderer's persona. Having lived the life of a "rogue ninja" for many years now, the masked one is hardly the most optimistic of people. To put it bluntly, the individual is cynical and pessimistic, seeing the world through a lens tinted black. Having lived a rough life fraught with difficulties, he knows that the world is not all gumdrops and lollipops, particularly since he has not experienced much happiness throughout his life. Along with his cynicism, he also does not have a very good opinion of Mankind, harboring near-misanthropic feelings towards his fellow humans. That’s not to say that he hates humans or feels ashamed of being one; he merely believes that they are performing disappointingly as the dominant race of the world. This is connected with his general mistrust for all people, no matter what kind of mindset he or she has. Every human has darkness within them, thus, one must be wary around all of them. Coupled with his dark outlook on life and his distrusting nature, one might be hard-pressed to gain the trust of this peculiar ninja. Lately, this has become an even harder feat, since the man has slowly become more cautious and untrusting towards others. Both past and present, the fledgling of a shinobi gives very few people the courtesy of his trust and friendship. This anti-social behavior is because he believes that placing one’s trust in too many people can be more detrimental than beneficial to a person; he sees this as a logical belief, and thus adheres to it. Something else that he finds logical is control over his emotions and desires. As he sees it, one’s emotions have the power to manipulate and control a person’s mind and actions. Many emotions can cloud a person’s reasoning, and a man without reason is no longer a man. Therefore, it is a necessity, particularly for a shinobi, to have complete control over their emotions and maintain a collected mindset. As such, he makes an effort to not give into his emotions or desires, or at least not frequently, thus allowing him the advantage of a cool head. He is remarkably calm and composed, rarely showing any form of extreme emotions. In fact, he is seen more with an amused demeanor than anything else, often addressing others with a sarcastic and mocking manner of speech. It can go without saying that his dry, dark sense of humor makes him a difficult person to get along with sometimes. As of yet, the nineteen year old has not displayed any kind romantic affection to anyone, and seems unlikely to do so at all; he has no interest in sexual activities or eros, appearing to be psychologically asexual if anything, and is more or less contemptuous towards such things. However, for all the control he may have over his emotions, the one that causes him the most difficulty is anger. Causing this being to lose his temper can be a remarkably long and arduous endeavor; he may display signs of irritation, an emotion that he can often feel very easily, but making him snap and lose his cool is not so easy. Despite the fact that getting himself angry is a stunningly difficult task, he considers his rage to be the biggest bane of his existence. This is not because he flies into a blind, murderous rage when he loses his tempter; rather, when he remains as cool and level-headed as always when angered. The only difference is that he becomes even more vicious and cold-hearted, thus making him more likely to perform acts that he may not when he is calm; such as say, viciously maiming someone when there is no benefit in doing so, simply because he is angry at that person.

Sunekuaizu’s major goal in life was, and still is, to be in control of his life, mind, and body. Even now, he despises the idea of someone else being in charge of his life. This belief has been the primary reason for why he is as apprehensiveness as he is to be a shinobi belonging to a village; he has no desire to be used like a puppet by some selfish politicians. Being a Jinchuuriki, allying himself with a village would mean that he would become nothing more than tool to be used by the Elders of the village as they see fit. The thought of being used by someone else, even if it is “for the greater good”, absolutely sickens him. Such people can certainly expect malevolence from the him. This animosity even extends to his other 'self', who has been guilty more than once for seizing control of his body in the past. The shinobi is not willing to let his other-self, albeit more powerful, control him, not even for a second, without his approval. Powerful 'demon' or not, he aims to remain in control of himself, and not have it the other way around. His belief in his own freedom is so strong that he would rather die than have the other side of himself assume control of his body without his permission. Selfish though it may be of him, he considers his freedom as one of the most important things in his life, and will do almost anything to ensure its continuation. There is, however, something else that he regards to be just as important as his freedom, perhaps even more so: his survival. To Kiryuu, his survival is one of his first priorities, and just as with his freedom, he will do almost anything to ensure his safety and survival. This is not to say that he is afraid of dying. Rather, he does not fear death as much as one might expect, knowing that shinobi, as well any other human, could die at anytime and anywhere without warning. There is no complex reason behind his wish for staying alive. He does not wish to keep living so as to achieve a dream or objective; it is not because he made a promise or anything. Instead, he tries to stay alive because, having been gifted with life, he will do his utmost best to make sure he protects this greatest of gifts. As he puts it, “When I die, it will be because I’ve done everything I can to prevent it, and failed.” It should be noted, however, that boy has enough sense to know that just because he considers staying alive as his primary objective in life, other people will not feel the same way. The guy does not expect others to understand or agree with his ideals, and would frankly be astounded if someone did. This idea of the preservation of his life has led to him becoming a very rationale being – or rather, even more rationale than he was before. He approaches everything with a logical and sensible outlook. If an act has no beneficial result or significant meaning to it, he will not perform it. Being a pragmatic person, he will do anything he can to accomplish a task, or ensure his continued existence. Both in and outside of battle, he will resort to any tactic, no matter how underhanded or dishonorable, to complete his objective. He understands that, being a ninja, deception and trickery can be his greatest weapons. This opportunist has no qualms about manipulating or deceiving others for his personal gain, even willing to resort to sadistic acts to achieve them. Truthfully, he always hides behind a mask - a mask of lies and deception. When coupling his “assholeness” with his self-preservation, it goes without saying that Kiryuu will go to great lengths to advance his own interests. He is not above back-stabbing someone should it be beneficial to him, or even fleeing a battle against an opponent that is clearly more powerful than him... or may just endanger his life.

All that being said, though, it should still be remembered that he is a pragmatic individual. Whatever he does, he will only do if there is actually something to be gained from it. For example, he will not needlessly inflict pain on a defeated enemy, or even kill them, if the opposite would be more sensible. If there is more to be gained by abandoning a mission than completing it, or vice versa, then he will go with the more beneficial route. This is why he is so displeased when he loses his temper; when angered, the his logical thinking can be hampered, and may result in him performing unnecessary, violent acts. Put simply, while he may be a despicable character because of his practical nature, he is not unnecessarily malicious. He could kick the dog if he wanted to, but if there is no benefit in it, then he will not bother. Despite all his negative traits and faults, deep down, he is still a good person. The lessons he was taught by his deceased mentor have been embedded so deeply into his heart that no amount of corruption or evil can seem to remove them entirely. In spite of his selfish ideals, it is still a kind-hearted soul. While he is not the most compassionate or affectionate of people, he is not a complete monster either. Sometimes, he will help someone without any care for whether it will reap any profit for him... though, he will often tell himself that having someone indebted or grateful to him might come in handy one day. More often than not, his acts of kindness are done out of good intentions, and not because of any sinister motives. He has not forgotten his manners and etiquettes, traits that can make him a very likeable person. He knows how to behave in public and around others. All in all, while his approach to living his life and accomplishing his objectives has changed notably, there has been very little change in how he appears in public and to others. In fact, Kiryuu remains the polite, good-natured individual that he has been for years. If someone were to interact with the young shinobi in a friendly manner and not in a hostile one, then they might discover how “good” he is as compared to other shinobi; though he may still come off as a jerk. Only those closest to him and who have known him long enough would be able to detect the subtle changes in his personality – those changes being his increased sense of self-preservation and subsequent pragmatism.

As a concluding note, some of his likes and dislikes could be mentioned. Naturally, the two things he treasures the most are his survival and freedom. While he is not the most materialistic of people, the eyepatched shinobi acknowledges the worth of money, and its necessity for his survival; as such, he can often come off as a greedy, money-obsessed person, especially since his main motivation for completing missions is the reward. He does not have any noticeable hobbies, unless one counts roaming around aimlessly as a hobby; he does, however, have a keen interest in books, having been an enthusiastic reader for many years. In regards to favorite food, he has none, as he sees the act of eating as nothing more than a requirement for living, rather than something done for pleasure. However, the closest items he could have to favorite food and drink is, respectively, peaches and fizzy drinks. In the list of dislikes, it would naturally be topped by anyone or anything that is endangering his life or restricting his freedom. Items placed lower would be alcohol, since it does an excellent job in making one lose control of their senses and reasoning, which is something that he is not loath to doing. Another subject of dislike - or “hate” in this case - is the shinobi's feelings towards fire. After having suffered terrible burns due to fire, he more or less distrusts Katon users as much as people who oppose his two main ideals in life. If anything, it shows how much he detests fire.

"I have no need for anyone; I am all that matters."

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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu

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alternate text

ORIGIN: Mizu no Kuni
AFFILIATION: Konohagakure no Sato
RANK: E | Academy Student

PRIMARY: Genjutsu
TERTIARY: Ninjutsu
PRIMARY: Raiton | Lightning
SECONDARY: Suiton | Water
Those who have seen how he fights, would describe his approach to combat as “cheap, cowardly, and dirty”. How would he himself personally describe it? As “cheap, cowardly, and dirty”. Before anything else, Kiryuu is a combat pragmatist, and will always seek the most effective and sensible route for staying alive, regardless of how unfair or immoral it may be. He may be willing to play by “the rules” in a battle where dying is not an issue, but if it is a fight to the death, expect foul play from this shinobi. Actually, it would be prudent to say that he will “cheat” to win even in a no-killing fight. In his opinion, there are no rules when it comes to fighting, so anything goes. As such, the being makes use of anything and everything he can to ensure his victory, ranging from shameful distractions, such as temporarily blinding his opponent, to more severe acts; like crippling a limb to render it useless. Hell, he will even play possum if it gets him somewhere. When fighting against someone like him, one would be wise to expect trickery. Possessing mediocre to less-than-extraordinary skill at close-range combat, he is most comfortable when he has breathing room. He prefers to attack from medium to long range, relying mostly on stealth and his arsenal of Ninjutsu to defeat his adversary. Being a shinobi skilled at stealth, the youngling has no problems with relying on sneak attacks to defeat his opponent; as such, he relies a good deal on the element of surprise. Since the masked shinobi possesses a larger chakra reserve than most typical ninja, he does not hold back on his jutsu usage, often launching jutsu after jutsu to overwhelm his target from a distance.

His immense chakra pool also allows him to last longer than his opponent in terms of spiritual stamina, though his physical stamina is nowhere near as impressive. At times, he will resort to some of his Iryō Ninjutsu to aid him in battle, and he is always using his training as a shinobi to increase his survival-rate in battle. If forced into close combat, he will usually try to widen the gap, but if this is not possible, he will often keep a weapon in hand (frequently a kunai) and attempt to hold his ground long enough to find an opening to either fall back to a safe distance, or deal a decisive blow to his opponent. If he will ever pull any unfair maneuvers, it will certainly be when he is at a disadvantage. Every now and then, he may actually rush into close-quarters from the start, with the intent to cripple his adversary with his more destructive jutsu. However, he need not always rely on the above strategies during combat. While he is a straight-up asshole in battle, he would rather avoid any confrontation from the start, something that further portrays him as a cowardly individual in his opponent’s eyes. Of course, the masked one sees this more as logic, since his life would be in danger if he fought. As such, a common course of action that he adopts when forced into battle is to either flee, or attempt to take his opponent down as quickly as possible. Usually, if he has chosen the latter case and the battle is going badly, a “tactical retreat” is in order. He would much rather someone else handle the fighting while he either escapes or launches a surprise attack. When he is fighting, the shinobi is always evaluating his opponent and his environment, using the information he gains to figure out the best method to emerge from the fight alive. Really, the best way to describe his fighting style would be to say that he adapts his style and plan on the situation at hand. If circumstances call for him to be aggressive, he will be just that; if a more defensive role is required, he will assume it.

Health - 10
Strength - 7
Endurance - 10 [100 EP]
Speed - 11
Chakra - 12 [120 CG]

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SOURCE: Tokyo Ghoul

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Very Approved!
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