Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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 The making of Love and Hate

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Kara Yamanaka

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PostSubject: The making of Love and Hate   Sun May 08, 2016 10:44 pm

Kara was going to make his second puppet they were going to be two twin birds that were identical and but have different styles in fighting he was going to name them after complete opposites of themselves which were Hate and Love. These two were the perfect combo for battling, one for battling and one for playing defensive so Kara could focus more on fighting then watching out for counter attacks because he was going to design Love to alarm him when someone was going to attack him from behind or a sneak attack so that he was ready he was also going to make them look as realistic as he could for camouflage purposes if he could sneak up on a shinobi with Hate the battle was practically over since Hate would have sharp wings to attack vital areas and his backup plan was to use a Love to fake attack and then sweep Hate in there and finish the job with his beak which was the sharpest part about Hate. Then love would return to Kara side and fly in circles around him looking for enemies in the area this could also be used as infiltration because Love could sit and watch for anyone coming then warn everyone about it but Hate and Love could only go so far with length such as 15 feet and 10 feet off the ground for Kara wasn’t that strong to make it longer.

“Alright let’s do this.” Kara said out loud

He put his chakra strings on the puppets and the started to flap their wings and hover 5 inches off the ground before slamming back down it seemed that Kara stilled had to do some fixing because they were half broken already and they didn’t even get to fly so after 6 hours or so he finally finished and decided to test them out this time he believed it could work he just knew it he then again attached his chakra strings to the puppets who were lying on the floor not moving a single joint and his slowly raised his hands as their heads raised from the ground and they started to flap their wings once more this time with ease and they lifted 5 feet off the ground and started moving with Kara’s movement as Kara was getting used to the feeling of two puppets at once he then called Love towards him and Love circled Kara as he made a contraption to launch an item at him and it fired with great speed Kara flinched by closing his eyes but to open them to see that Love had deflected the projectile with its strong wings. Kara couldn’t help but smile as he created the ultimate weapon (For him at least)  he was going to master these two in hopes of becoming a very strong shinobi and maybe even be the strongest puppet master. It was a stretch but he believed it could be possible he believed that someday he will be the one to become a Puppet God!

He calmed down and started to play with his new weapons getting the feel for it before he could actually use it in battle so he practiced and practiced getting his ability to be top shape if he wanted to be the best and he would not settle for second. Kara used hollow puppets that he had made for training and made them hook up to a machine which made them moves in a back and forth motion so Hate could work on his power. Kara moved his hands in a patterned way making Hate swoop in and attack then fly back up then swoop and another dummy was going to throw an object as it was thrown Love mad a low growling noise warning Kara. So he turned and Love moved in the way of the object flashing her wings in front of it breaking the object and breaking the other on that slammed against the bird’s powerful wings he then reverts his attention back to hate who was working on his accuracy with his swooping attacks.  Hate was now getting more and more powerful with each hit as Hate was getting faster and faster and Love circulating Kara keeping him safe from incoming objects. He was getting tired so he stopped the enemy puppets and called back his puppets and sent them away he went to bed and dreamed about his training and the perfect techniques for them and how he could improve them some more.

The next day Kara got up and got ready for more training making the puppets better by changing the blades out for new ones and reworking Loves wings to make them impenetrable so he will stay safe he then made the alarm louder because he was shutting out most of the sound and couldn’t hear the noise since he was sweaty. Once they were done being worked on he went out back to his training routine but this time using both puppets instead of just Hate he set up his targets and got to work he sent out Love and Hate and used Love to connect with the top of Hate making a bigger bird the size of an eagle the used one part of its wings to shield and another to attack. But this didn’t last long as their wings crossed so he thought it best to leave them separate so then he just left them apart never to cross till one day when he got strong enough to make them combine but that will have to wait after all he was just a genin. A genin that was going to make a difference one puppet at a time he then realized that it was getting late and he should probably call it a day after all he did finally master two puppets at once and that could take a lot of a person  he called the birds away and headed up stairs to sleep.

(WP:1,005, Love and Hate created)
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Akira Hana

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PostSubject: Re: The making of Love and Hate   Tue May 10, 2016 2:53 pm

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The making of Love and Hate
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