Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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Hokage:Akira Hana
Kazekage:Akashi Trajada
Mizukage: Orokana Uzumaki
Tsuchikage: Noir Kamizuru
One Tails: Open
Two Tails: Bankotsu Inuzuka / Stone
Three Tails: Eri Saito / Mist
Four Tails: Dante Wynn / Rain
Five Tails: Open
Six Tails: Open
Seven Tails:Salazem Uchiha / Leaf
Eight Tails: Open
Nine Tails: Aizen Otsutsuki / Cloud


 Ice Release

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PostSubject: Ice Release   Ice Release I_icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2016 3:13 pm

Element Template

Name: Hyoton: Ice Release
Origin: Hyoton is the combined nature transformation kekkei genkai of the Yuki clan. It allows the user to freely create and manipulate ice by simultaneously combining wind and water-based chakra. When the user releases their chakra, the surrounding vicinity becomes cold enough to cause snow to fall.

Appearance: This release can take the form of either snow or ice, and can either be static structures (walls, pillars, or other immobile objects), or dynamic and mobile attacks.  Things such as snow, ice, or hail may be used by a shinobi with an affinity for Ice.
Description: Most attacks can often slow, immobilize, or inhibit terrain.  For example, high speed winds and blizzards may inhibit the ability of other shinobi to see or move, growing ice shards could freeze around appendages of an opponent, or the ground may become slippery and difficult to traverse.  These attacks can often be aided with the use of water style techniques, as this allows for additional material to be more easily frozen.  
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Akira Hana
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PostSubject: Re: Ice Release   Ice Release I_icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2016 5:27 pm

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Ice Release
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