Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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Hokage:Akira Hana
Kazekage:Akashi Trajada
Mizukage: Orokana Uzumaki
Tsuchikage: Noir Kamizuru
One Tails: Open
Two Tails: Bankotsu Inuzuka / Stone
Three Tails: Eri Saito / Mist
Four Tails: Dante Wynn / Rain
Five Tails: Open
Six Tails: Open
Seven Tails:Salazem Uchiha / Leaf
Eight Tails: Open
Nine Tails: Aizen Otsutsuki / Cloud


 Stat Rules

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PostSubject: Stat Rules    Stat Rules  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2016 3:45 pm

Endurance: /EP stat x10
Speed :
Chakra: /CG Stat x10
• Natural stat allowance cannot surpass 200
• Each character can have a maximum of 560 stats.

Health governs how resilient ones body is to injury in all aspects, this including immune system to counteract poisons. This stat is simple enough to get the hang of, the lower it is the more damage you will take, and the higher it is the more you can do, if ones health is equal to someone’s strength it will be enough to still do some damage, but if it is greatly higher you will not feel any pain from it.

Physical Force
This includes being punched, being hit with blunt weapons or jutsu, etc.  You must have 5 health higher than the attack to be immune to damage.

Weapon Damage (Swords, Kunai, etc.)
This includes being cut or stabbed by a kunai, pierced by a jutsu, etc.  You must have 15 health higher than the attack to be immune to damage.

This is all raw chakra damage from jutsu, you must have 20 more health higher than the attack to be immune to damage. Certain jutsu can bypass the health stat, and effect the body differently, just because you have high health does not mean you are immune to everything. Mainly Medical jutsu designed to effect ones nerves would be able to still cause damage should one have high health.

Is the most important next to chakra in a battle Jutsu use Endurance Points and Your chakra gauge. If your EP runs out you will pass out and will be useless for the rest of the topic so stay aware of your EP.  Taijutsu Techniques only use the EP gauge.

Note, some jutsu may be allowed to have a different number than what is listed below depending upon the jutsu, example being flying thunder god that is made to be used in rapid succession, thus one use would not be equivalent to a full jutsu of the same rank. Your Endurance point are discovered by multiplying your Endurabce stat by 10.

E-Rank:5 EP
D-Rank:10 EP
C-Rank:20 EP
B-Rank:30 EP
A-Rank:40 EP
S-Rank:50 EP

Along with the action points gained through Endurance, a separate amount is gained as one ranks up to symbolize one's growth.

Chuunin/ B- Rank Missing Nin -100 EP
Jounin/Anbu/ A- Rank Missing Nin -200 EP
Village leader/Sannin -  300 EP
Kage/S-Rank Missing Nin -400 EP

The numbers are replaced as you rank up, they do not stack.

Strength governs how strong ones body is when doing physical acts. Strength is very simple, the higher the number, the more damage your punches can cause, and the more you can lift. If you have low strength you cannot pick someone up, but if you have high strength you could pull a tree out of the ground.

Speed is one of the five base stats, speed governs how fast ones body moves, and how fast your brain can perceive and react to events. Ones maximum speed is their top running speed, it is not their casual walking speed, a character is free to move at any speed between one and their marker. One however can still use their maximum speed to punch and kick. Reaction time is your speed +60

Chakra is one of the five base stats, chakra is used when you are about to do a Jutsu. Your Chakra gauge is your chakra stat times 10 ex. Chakra stat of 5 you have 50 in your chakra gauge. When you preform the jutsu you subtract the chakra it takes to perform the jutsu from your gauge. Ex. Technique cost 10 Chakra and your Chakra Gauge is 50 so it is 50 - 10 = 40.

S Rank 90 CG
A-Rank 80 CG
B- Rank 50 CG
C-Rank: 30 CG
D- Rank: 10 CG
E- Rank: 5 CG

Chakra gauge can be raised via ranking up

Chunin/ B Rank Missing Nin = 100 CG
Jonin/ Anbu / A Rank Missing Nin = 200 CG

Sannin/ Village Leader = 300 CG

Kage/ S Rank Missing Nin = 400 CG

To obtain stats Divide your total wordcount by 250 and that's how many stats you gain in a post

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Stat Rules
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