Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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 Planning for the big day....

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Mason Uchiha
Mason Uchiha

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Planning for the big day.... Empty
PostSubject: Planning for the big day....   Planning for the big day.... I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2016 6:06 pm

Mason had just came from his old house in the Uchiha district, his mind was still on Akira, he couldn't get her off his mind it was like he was addicted to her. He had a job to do, it was his duty to provide the women of his life with the best wedding possible. He needed help planning this, he has never even thought about a wedding, let alone its planning. The only person he could think of who might have any idea of how to plan a wedding is his aunt, she was much kinder to him, than his uncle. They moved after their own children had died on a mission and had given him their old house.

He decided to pay her a visit and hopefully she'd help him plan his wedding. He walked past his new house towards the outskirts of the Uchiha district, they lived in a smaller house than before, he had no idea how they could live in an house that small. He knocked on the door three times, and waited patiently for an answer. After two and a half minutes she answered the door. She looked surprised to see him. "Hey auntie, how are you?" Mason said trying to sound kind. She put a smile on her face, she always considered him like a son unlike her husband. "I'm feeling good, but I've been feeling old recently." she laughed at her unfunny joke, he laughed a little bit too, to make her feel better."Can I come in? I have some great news." She opened the door wider gesturing for him to come in saying "f course you can, whats the good news?" He stepped in with his left foot first, this was his first time stepping into their new house, it looked a lot better for them than the old, it just seemed cozy. She led him to a small table and he pulled out two chairs one for both of them, she smiled and said "Thank you dear." Mason responded with "No problem auntie." His aunt sat down and looked at him with her kind eyes "Now what was it that you wanted to tell me about?" she said in her oh so nice voice. "I'm engaged auntie, and I'd like your help to arrange my marriage." She gasped "I can't believe your actually getting married! Oh I'd love to help you plan your wedding Mason!" She said excitedly. He was glad that she would actually help him. Mason was grinning. "I'm engaged to Akira Hana, she is so amazing, have you met her I can't remember. She is the love of my life, were getting married in exactly a week from today." Mason said wondering how he was gonna do this in the time he told Akira. "Why are you guys in such a hurry to get married, and I used to think like that too, about your uncle believe me, but everything changed for the better when we had kids, do you want kids?" she said having an elderly smile on her face. "It's not fast enough for me, I wanted to get married around now actually, and yes I'd love to have kids, and i'm sure Akira wants kids too." Mason said fastly, whenever he talked about stuff like this he got butterflies in his stomach. "Tell me what you want, and I'll get it done." she said putting a hand on his in a caring way. "Thank you so much auntie, main colors are Pink, with a black and purple trims. A public venue, maybe in my new house, I want only clan members of the Uchiha, and Hana members to be able to attend, I'll tell Akira to give me an list. Every type of flower in those colors and some blue roses and daisies. Decorations in those colors too, and thank you so so much auntie" Mason said happy that he doesn't have to do anything. "No problem dear, I'll have everything planned out within a couple days, come back around then to see what I have, now run along then dearie. I'm sure you have more things to do before then." She said. Mason got up and hugged her before walking out of the front door. "I guess there is some training I have to do." Mason would think as he walks out.

Mason had went to the training grounds after his aunt agreed to plan his wedding for him. He was so relieved that he didn't have to do anything, and he was confident in her ability to plan it out. He had forgotten a great deal of his jutsu, after he had become clan head, he thought it was because of his long term memory loss, but it was actually because he rolled off of his bed and fell head first onto his floor. He decided he should learn a very crucial tool, that a shinobi should always have just in case they had to go up against some one who has genjutsu. The Genjutsu release, he had read and he thought experienced that if they held the tiger sign, and had enough chakra flowing through them, that it would break the genjutsu afflicting them. The exact way it works is that your chakra flows rapidly throughout your body, breaking the gen users hold over your chakra. He didn't know anyone recently that used gen so he'd have to make due just mastering the technique without the gen user. He had sat down on his knees and began to meditate to get a good feel for manipulating his chakra. He started to focus his chakra spinning it around just for a good practice, if someone with chakra sensory was near him, they'd notice a lot of activity within his torso area.He put his hands into the tiger sign, and started to force his chakra to go everywhere within his body at a very fast speed. He didn't feel any different, but that's probably because he wasn't under gen jutsu. He repeated the same thing over and over again five times, just to get it fast enough to make it usable in battle.

Once he felt good with the speed he decided to get back into jonin shape, instead of lazy clan head shape. He only has a four pack now instead of the six pack that he use to have back in his chuunin days. He felt sluggish compared to then, as if his life style was finally taking it's toll on him. He started by doing something that used to be a warm up for him, 100 push ups. He used to be able to do 1000 of those no problem, but now he doubted he could do 100. He got down onto the dirt and began after the first five he felt good about him self. After the next ten he was feeling like he could shoot past a hundred and maybe put his past self to shame. Fifteen more he felt like there was no way he could do that in a million years. He felt like he might be able to do a hundred. After another ten at forty he felt a bit winded nothing new, he thought he might maybe if he was lucky get it done at 75. After four more he started to gasp, he was thinking "Am I really that out of shape?" He wanted to at least get to fifty, and that was six more to go, he went as fast as he could so he could at least do half, and not feel so bad about himself. one,two,three,four. He couldn't do any more, how pathetic, once a ninja that could put the legendary taijutsu specialist Rock Lee to shame at push ups, was having trouble getting to fifty push ups. "I am not going down like this, I've worked to hard for this just to happen, how am I going to protect my future wife if I can't do just fifty push ups?" He knew of many ways, but he was just trying to inspire himself, by making himself feel bad about it. He fell, his arms felt like spaghetti there was pain in his arms from it as well. "Not like this." was the only thought that went through his mind, he put his arms back down under him his arms were shaky, and he would be surprised if he could do one, but he only needed two more to get to fifty. He felt like his arms were going to give out again, but they didn't they kept up, even though they were shaking and he got to fifty. He was sweating and his arms were sore, he still had to do sit ups and pull ups. Sit ups would be the easier thing to do so he decided to do those first.

Sit ups, they were way easier than push ups, in almost every single way and they give his arms a chance to rest. Which is what they needed from the amount of stress that small amount of push ups put on his arms for whatever reasons. He looked around for something he could use to restrain his feet while he pulled himself up to build his core, so he could maybe gain his six pack back eventually. He thought maybe 250 would be a nice number for that, since sit ups were about five times easier to him than push ups. He found a gnarled looking tree root that came out the ground, that looked like it was in a pretty good spot to trip someone.He put his feet under the root, and got down onto his back ready to start his sit ups. 250 is about ten percent of what he used to do, and he used to do them so fast. He started 20 at first, still going strong almost took no time at all. Next 20 not as fast but he felt like he could still make his goal. Another twenty, his core was starting to ache and it felt like he was getting stabbed in the abdomen. He knew it was the tearing of his muscles, and the repairing of those exact same muscles made them stronger. He was starting to breathe hard also. "150 will be a decent number, I don't think I can make 250." Mason would mumble. Everything went decent until around 108 that was when he felt the instant pain, he knew he passed his limit when the mild pain, turned into into some of the worst pain of his life. "More, just a little bit more..." Mason would think he just finished 108, and was on 109 he started to go up when, he just couldn't anymore. He lost the feeling in his abdomen, that was when he knew he fucked up. "No more I can't do anymore not today..." He would say having trouble getting up. He would crawl over to the nearest trees, using it as leverage to get up. He'd walk having his arms over his core, he now felt sick, like he was going to throw up. He walked home, and on several occasions felt like he was going to throw up, but he made it home not dying and crashed onto his couch instantly falling asleep.

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Planning for the big day....
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