Naruto Legacy RPG is a Naruto role play game that takes place 100 years after Boruto the worlds peace has shattered and the five great villages are headed toward war can you stop the battle before its too late and the world is destroyed by war.
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Hokage:Akira Hana
Kazekage:Akashi Trajada
Mizukage: Orokana Uzumaki
Tsuchikage: Noir Kamizuru
One Tails: Open
Two Tails: Bankotsu Inuzuka / Stone
Three Tails: Eri Saito / Mist
Four Tails: Dante Wynn / Rain
Five Tails: Open
Six Tails: Open
Seven Tails:Salazem Uchiha / Leaf
Eight Tails: Open
Nine Tails: Aizen Otsutsuki / Cloud


 Dante Wynn

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Dante (;
Dante (;

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PostSubject: Dante Wynn   Dante Wynn I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 10:28 am

Name: Dante Wynn

Character Nickname: Vengence

Bijuu: Son Goku

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Rank: Kage/Village Leader

Former Rank:

Village: Amegakure

Former Village:

Affiliations: None

Elements: Wind, Fire, Earth

Specialities: Ninjutsu, Space-Time, Fuinjutsu


Kekke Genkai:

Personality: Dante is very independent and always trys to do things relying on his own strength. He despises out side help, but will take it if necessary. He will not try to hide what he really thinks, and is blunt about everything. He is a perfectionist and despises imperfections in everything, and holds himself to the same, he is rather hard on himself even though he is extremely skilled. He actively seeks power, in any way possible and is willing to do anything for it.

Appearance: Dante is 6'5 and 167 pounds. He doesn't wear the traditional village leader attire, preferring to wear a black, with white lining track suit. He has dark brown hair, that could be mistaken as black, along with his eyes being the exact same color, maybe a bit darker.

Stats 250

  • Health: 40
  • Strength:30
  • Endurance:30
  • Speed:100
  • Chakra: 50

Bio: Dante didn't grow up the way other children grew up, he grew up with a curse, an beast. He was born in Konoha, but was given up by his parents at birth, as they didn't want him nor cared to even raise him. He was found by an man with snake like attributes who he later found out was named Orochimaru. Orochimaru performed tests on this baby, trying to see what would work and what wouldn't. Those tests gave Dante enhanced speed even at his baby stage. He wanted an apprentice, to teach, to see what path they'd chose. Orochimaru could see that Dante wouldn't have much if any natural ability so he got the bright idea to give him something that would make him stronger than almost any other shinobi in the world. Orochimaru was lucky and an jinchuriki recently died, and a tailed beast was on the lose, The Four-Tails or Goku. Orochimaru found the tailed beast (It couldn't be that hard to find a huge monster) and sealed him into an 6 month old Dante.

Dante didn't have an easy youth, he was constantly training, and getting experimented on by Orochimaru. He couldn't handle it anymore and ran away at the age 6, he ran and ran until he couldn't run anymore, he was content to die as long as he didn't have to feel the pain anymore. He was found ha;f dead by scouts of Amegakure, who had the decency to take him back to their village. There he didn't have it much better, once people found out about the monster inside of him, people looked down on him, and treated him like he was less than human like an animal. He couldn't handle it anymore all he wanted to be was perfect, like how he saw everyone around him. It drove him mad in a good way.

He had no trouble with any of the exams, for any of them. He was naturally smart, and thanks to Orochimaru he had some skill. He trained hard for his entire life and it was starting to pay off, he was getting recognized as a strong shinobi and one not to be messed with, but there was something that he really wanted that he could take now if he found the right opportunity. As soon as he passed his jonin exam, the old battered village leader summoned him. This was his chance to finally gain power by taking over, when he arrived the village leader looked down on him as if he already knew his plan to take his seat and to eliminate him. He was going to start to speak when Mason lunged at him with a kunai, taking him out in one blow. He was now the leader, or as much as the citizens know the old one still was but now he was in charge and was willing to do anything to keep his position.

Other Characters Mason Uchiha

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Dante Wynn   Dante Wynn I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 2:11 pm

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Dante Wynn
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